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Title HRD Training Program for Supporting Innovation of BPPT of Indonesia
Date 2016-12-05 Hit 1145  

The Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI, President Jong-guk Song) conducted “HRD Training Program for Supporting Innovation of BPPT(Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology)” of Indonesia, from November 21st to December 2nd 2016 in Sejong, Korea. The program was progressed with financial support from the World Bank. The training aimed at enhancing knowledge and promoting competences of the human resources related to the implementation of the Bureaucratic Reform Program at BPPT in the framework of S&T Human Resource Development.

This training consisted of lectures, workshop, group discussion, site visits and cultural programs. Agenda of the program was as follows: ▲ Session 1. Experience of S&T Policy Development in Korea, ▲ Session 2. HRD at the Organizational Level, ▲ Session 3. Conceptualizing HRD & HRD Training Program Design and Implementation, ▲ Session 4. HR Management and Performance Appraisal System, ▲ Session 5. HR Monitoring & Evaluation and Coaching & Mentoring Process, ▲ Session 6. NCS Development and Utilization for HRD in Korea.

In addition, participants experienced diverse activities during their stay. They had experiences of appreciating the overall HR system in Korea by visiting government research institutes, relevant government agencies and private entities such as the Central Government Complex in Sejong, KRISS, ETRI, GIFTS and SIM, they had experiences of appreciating the overall HR system in Korea.