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Title The 407th Science and Technology Policy Forum
Date 2016-12-22 Hit 268  

  The Science and Technology Policy Institute (STEPI, President Jong-guk Song) holds the 407th Science and Technology Policy Forum on the topic of “The Present and the Future of Innovation Policy Research: The Tripod of Science and Technology, Economy and Society.”


  This forum has been organized as a venue to promote the understanding of the correlation between science and technology, economy and society, and then explore how to establish a proper relationship between them for the future.


  Proceedings commence with an opening address by STEPI President Jong-guk Song; followed by a keynote speech by Jae-yong Choung; Professor of the Science and Technology Policy Department (KAIST) on the current status and future of science technology innovation policy research on the global standard.


  After the topical presentation, a panel discussion chaired by STEPI Vice President Jung-won Lee, and the panel is  consisted of Oh-sung Ahn, Senior Researcher of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Heung-Deug Hong, Professor of Kangwon National University, and Hong-taek Yong, Director of Science and Technology Policy Bureau in the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning.