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SETPI research reports are published in the three categories : policy research, analysis research and policy briefs. The policy research reports are aimed at presenting mid- and longterm policy initiatives and policy alternatives to the
government, while the analysis research reports are focused on analyzing the statistics of S&T policy and technology innovation. The policy briefs are developed for policymakers and as reference materials for researchers.

11/52 Page Total [511]

No Title Author Date File Hit
411 Research to Build a Foundation for Promoting the Utilization of Satellite Information Hee Jong Kang, Jeong Hoon Park 2014-12-31 page_ P14-25.pdf 483
410 Exploring the Possibility of Applying Technology Valuation to National R&D Project Evaluation and Royalty System Soo J., Sohn 2014-12-31 page_ P14-24.pdf 511
409 An analysis of Korea's national supporting system of basic research and policy recommendations for leading creative R&D HyunDae Cho, Moon Seop Yun 2014-12-31 page_ P14-23.pdf 505
408 A study on the promotion of private R&D investment SeungHyun Kim 2014-12-31 page_ P14-22.pdf 526
407 Manufacturing-based Service R&D Strategy - Manufacturing Servitization Service R&D Jang Pyoung Yol, Moon Young Hwan 2014-12-31 page_ P14-20.pdf 573
406 Promoting Intellectual Properties Financing to Establish a Dynamic Innovation Economy Soo J.,Sohn 2014-12-31 page_ P14-19.pdf 541
405 A Study on the Current State of Environment Technology in North Korea for S&T Cooperation Methods between South-North Korea Kim, Jong Seon, Lee, Choongeun 2014-12-31 page_ P14-18.pdf 411
404 Korea-China FTA and Korea's Policy Direction for Agricultural R&D Joo Ryang Lee 2014-12-31 page_ P14-17.pdf 311
403 Architecture of a Global STI Platform Supporting 'Creative Economy' at Global Context Yongsuk Jang, Sung Bum Hong 2014-12-31 page_ P14-16.pdf 262
402 Policy Intiatives for lifetime Development of S&T Manpower Utilization System Chul Koo Min, Jong Wuk Ahn 2014-12-31 page_ P14-15.pdf 261